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tender adj
1 given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality; "a tender heart"; "a tender smile"; "tender loving care"; "tender memories"; "a tender mother" [ant: tough]
2 hurting; "the tender spot on his jaw" [syn: sensitive, sore]
3 susceptible to physical or emotional injury; "at a tender age" [syn: vulnerable]
4 having or displaying warmth or affection; "affectionate children"; "caring parents"; "a fond embrace"; "fond of his nephew"; "a tender glance"; "a warm embrace" [syn: affectionate, caring, fond, lovesome, warm]
5 easy to cut or chew; "tender beef" [ant: tough]
6 physically untoughened; "tender feet" [syn: untoughened] [ant: tough]
7 (used of boats) inclined to heel over easily under sail [syn: crank, cranky, tippy]
8 (of plants) not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition; "tender green shoots"


1 something used as an official medium of payment [syn: legal tender]
2 someone who waits on or tends to or attends to the needs of another [syn: attendant, attender]
3 a formal proposal to buy at a specified price [syn: bid]
4 car attached to a locomotive to carry fuel and water
5 a boat for communication between ship and shore [syn: ship's boat, pinnace, cutter]
6 ship that usually provides supplies to other ships [syn: supply ship]


1 offer or present for acceptance
2 propose a payment; "The Swiss dealer offered $2 million for the painting" [syn: offer, bid]
3 make a tender of; in legal settlements
4 make tender or more tender as by marinating, pounding, or applying a tenderizer; "tenderize meat" [syn: tenderize, tenderise]

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Etymology 1

From tendre, from tener.


  1. Sensitive or painful to be touched.
    Be careful, that area is tender. - Mike Meyers as the voice of the title character in the movie Shrek.
  2. Of food, soft and easily chewed.
    The matrix is telling my brain this steak is tender, succulent and juicy. - Joey Pantolino in the movie The Matrix'.'
  3. Fond, loving, gentle, sweet
    Suzanne was such a tender and sweet mother to her children.''
sensitive or painful
  • Finnish: arka, aristava
  • Japanese: 過敏
  • Latin: tener
  • Russian: нежный, чувствительный, уязвимый
  • Spanish: estierno
soft and easily chewed
  • Finnish: murea
  • Japanese: 柔らかい
  • Russian: нежный
  • Spanish: estierno
fond, loving, gentle, sweet
  • Czech: něžný
  • Finnish: hellä
  • Japanese: 優しい
  • Latin: tener
  • Russian: нежный, ласковый
  • Spanish: estierno

Etymology 2



  1. A means of payment such as a check or cheque, cash or credit card.
    Your credit card has been declined. You need to provide some other tender such as cash.
  2. A formal offer to buy or sell something.
    We will submit our tender to you within the week.
  3. A railroad car towed behind a steam engine to carry fuel.
  4. A naval ship that functions as a mobile base for other ships.
    submarine tender
    destroyer tender
  5. A boat used for transportation between a ship and shore.
means of payment
law: an offer to buy or sell something
fuel-carrying railroad car
  • Finnish: tenderi
  • Italian: tender
  • Japanese: 炭水車
  • Polish: tender
nautical: ship functioning as mobile base for other ships
nautical: a boat used for transportation btw a ship and the shore
  • Finnish: yhteysvene
  • Italian: scialuppa
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Etymology 3

From tendre.


  1. To offer, to give.
    • tender one's resignation
    • 1864 November 21, Abraham Lincoln (signed) or John Hay, letter to Mrs. Bixby in Boston
      I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic they died to save.
  2. To offer a payment, as at sales or auctions
formal: to offer, to give
  • Finnish: esittää
to offer a payment
  • Finnish: tarjota




  1. tender (a railroad car towed behind a steam engine to carry fuel)




  1. to spread, to stretch out
  2. to lay (cable)
  3. to make (a bed)
  4. to hang up (clothes)
  5. to build (a bridge across an expanse)
  6. to extend (the hand)
  7. to floor (with a punch), to stretch out
  8. to cast (a net)
  9. to set (a trap)
  10. to coat (with plaster)
  11. to tend, to have a tendency


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Tender may mean:


A process by which one can seek prices and terms for a particular project (such as a construction job) to be carried out under a contract. The sealed offers themselves, including company information, a project outline, and a price quote, are known as tenders or bids. See also: reverse auction, contract A and Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • legal tender, a term for currency
  • tender offer, used to propose a buyout of a public company
  • tendering, or call for bids, can also be referred to as Public Procurement, a way in which Bodies governed by Public Law (such as Local Authorities, schools, hospitals, utilities...) buy what they need for their activities. Tenders are governed by EU as well as the various countries legislation.



  • The offer of goods for loading or transport


  • The consumption of toxic substances to the point of becoming raw


  • The 2007 World Beach Bocce champions - Beyond Tender (T. Hadley , B. Hirst)
  • The 2007 Manhattan Beach Bocce Champions - Beyond Tender (T. Hadley, B. Hirst)


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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

Christian, Christlike, Christly, Ganymede, Hebe, Pullman, Pullman car, accepting, accord, aching, administer, adoring, advance, affectionate, afford, agonizing, ailing, airline hostess, airline stewardess, algetic, allergic, allot, allow, amatory, amorous, anaphylactic, angry, attendant, attentive, award, baggage car, batman, bellboy, bellhop, bellman, benevolent, benign, benignant, bestow, bestow on, bid, bills, bleeding, boat, bold, bootblack, boots, boxcar, brotherly, budding, burning, cabin boy, caboose, caddie, callow, car, careful, caring, carriage, cash, cautious, chafed, chair car, charitable, chewable, chore boy, circumspect, clement, coach, coal car, commiserative, communicate, compassionate, compensate, compensation, complaisant, condolent, confer, conjugal, considerate, copyboy, covered waggon, creamy, cupbearer, curious, currency, dainty, dangerous, day coach, deal, deal out, decent, delicate, demonstrative, devoted, dewy, difficult, diner, dinghy, dining car, dish out, dispense, dole, dole out, donate, drawing room, easy, easygoing, eatable, edible, eggshell, emotionable, emotional, empathetic, empathic, errand boy, errand girl, extend, faithful, fee, feeble, feeling, festering, fiery, filial, fit for sea, flat, flatcar, fond, footboy, forbearant, forbearing, forgiving, fork out, fragile, frail, fraternal, galled, gentle, gift, gift with, gig, give, give freely, give out, gloss, gofer, gondola, good, good-natured, goosy, gracious, grant, green, growing, guerdon, hand out, heap, heartfelt, heedful, help to, hold forth, hold out, hostess, human, humane, hurting, husbandly, hyperesthetic, hyperpathic, hypersensitive, immature, impart, impassioned, impressionable, impubic, indemnify, inexperienced, infirm, inflamed, ingenuous, innocent, intact, iridescent, irritable, irritated, issue, itchy, juicy, juvenile, kind, kindhearted, kindly, kindly-disposed, languishing, launch, lavish, lax, lenient, let have, light, local, lovelorn, lovesick, lovesome, loving, luggage van, mail car, mail van, maternal, maudlin, mawkish, mellow, mellowy, melting, merciful, mete, mete out, mild, mindful, minor, moderate, mollified, money, mother-of-pearl, moving, nacreous, naive, nervous, new, new-fledged, nice, nonresistive, nonrigid, offer, office boy, office girl, opalescent, orderly, overrefined, oversensible, oversensitive, overtender, page, painful, palace car, pale, parental, parlor car, passenger car, passible, passionate, pastel, paternal, patient, patinaed, pay, pay by installments, pay on, payment, pearly, pitying, poignant, pose, pour, prefer, prepay, present, presentation, prickly, proffer, proposal, propose, proposition, provocative, purpose, put forward, put up, quiet, railway car, rain, rankling, raw, receptive, recompense, red, reefer, refined, refrigerator car, regardful, remit, remunerate, render, responsive, reward, ripening, romantic, roomette, ruthful, sad, salary, sappy, satisfy, sea-kindly, seaworthy, semigloss, sensible, sensitive, sentimental, serve, set before, shaky, shell out, shower, sickly, simple, skiff, skittish, sleeper, slip, smarting, smoker, smoking car, snow, snug, sober, soft, soft as putty, soft-colored, soft-hued, softened, softhearted, solicitous, somber, soothing, sore, soul-stirring, specie, squire, steward, stewardess, stiff, stirring, stockcar, subdued, submit, subtle, suggest, supersensitive, susceptible, sweet, sympathetic, sympathizing, tactful, tank, tenderhearted, tetchy, thin-skinned, thoughtful, ticklish, tingling, tolerant, touching, touchy, trainbearer, tricky, troublesome, truck, unadult, underage, understanding, undeveloped, unfledged, unformed, uninitiated, unlicked, unmellowed, unripe, unseasoned, unsound, unstable, untrained, unwell, usher, uxorious, van, vehicle, vernal, virginal, vouchsafe, vulnerable, waggon, wagon, warm, warm-hearted, warmhearted, waterproof, watertight, weak, weatherly, whisper-soft, wifely, yeoman, yield, yielding, young, youthful
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